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New Powerway order

Wir stellen gerade eine neue Bestellung bei Powerway zusammen. Die silbernen Naben sind wirklich sehr schön und waren nach der letzten Bestellung sofort vergriffen. Wir brauchen mehr davon!

Haben Sie Interesse an einem bestimmten Powerway Modell, oder einer bestimmten Farbe? – Schreiben Sie uns kurz eine Email an , so können wir Ihren Wunsch mit aufnehmen.

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Looking for special spokes?

Great! That is what spokesheaven is for. Here, you'll find those hard to get spokes cannot find anywhere else.

However, our product range is limited - if you did not find what you're looking for, please let us know.

Limited offer: Through October we can include your spokes into our next order, which will arrive in November. Just drop us a line: Contact

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Finally! The new webshop is online!

Liebe Kunden,

We are happy to present our new webshop. We hope you like it as much as we do. Above all, it should be better and easier to navigate than before.

We have also introduced a simplified and transparent discount system for spokes. However, prices have remained stable and have only changed minimally.

Please tell us your opinion. And please let us know if you encounter any errors on the website.

Best regards,

Your Spokesheaven Team